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It always seemed like a cliche parent thing to say when I was growing up.. ‘If you’re sad, go for a run, you’ll feel better!’ 

HAH. As if, I’d rather curl up in bed and cry and hate myself! 

Well, after years and years of bipolar it finally clicked. Mid tear-soaked breakdown I was talking to my friend and started doing our ab workout and feeling the burn of worked muscles… it really was a similar familiar pain to when I used to burn myself but without the immediate regret of another scar left on my body.

Later I started a yoga and stretching routine, more ab work/squats and I wasn’t sad anymore.. I’d forgotten what I was feeling so terrible about (boohoo,first world problems type stuff) and I was dancing around cooking myself some food.

Once you can push past the woeful ‘I never want to leave my bed, I want to curl up in a ball and cry forever’ and start stretching TRUST ME, you’ll feel much better…. and all the pain in your head, it’ll leave you with a fit body instead of scars to remind you of the shit time you’re going through. 

**Feel free to make better images if you’d like. I give people permission to steal the quotes :) Please link me to anything you make xx

Relevant right now. Take THAT abs.

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